Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You all are in for a real treat..Its time for my yearly post! FYI it will probably be long :) As you can tell I REALLY am not good about regular postings. Some people do it and some don't...I'm the second one. Soo here goes a rundown of whats been happening over here at the Holyoak House!
Bronx is now 2! Yes 2! I cannot for the life of me understand why time has to go by so fast! I mean I swear I was just wrapping him up like a baby burrito and then BAM he starts saying things like, "don't want to," and "dop mom!" I mean seriously the kid couldn't be any cuter but why must they start talking at such an early age! He hardly eats anything but fruit, milk and occasionally I give him some Diet Coke..I'm kidding. He LOVES the garage, tools, motors and anything his DAD does! He is constantly "fixing" things. If he's not in the garage he is making some kind of disaster. He will eat/drink anything in sight..other than food. We have had to call Poison Control more than once. He is a walking running tornado. Oh but that smile and those eyes! They get me every. single. time. He has brought this house so much excitement, craziness and laughter this year. Right now he loves "rock-a-byes" at night while we sing, "I Am A Child of God" 400 times, his "bank" aka blanket, popcorn, Mickey Mouse, his bossy big brother, being outside and anything that requires tools. He is our little man and we LOVE the heck out of him! 
 Bridger just turned 5. Sad, sad day for this mom. 5?! I mean this is the kid that slept with me until he was 2, cried for hours on end and started asking for ice cream at 9 months! He is so big now..cuter than ever but so big! He LOVES Legos and I mean loves! I on the other hand don't share this love. They get vacuumed up by me and eaten by a certain little person in our house. Bridger goes to pre-school and is doing so well! He is such a little artist. Constantly drawing and dropping me dead in my tracks at the detail he has! Seriously amazing! He loves to skateboard, ride his bike, play on the the iPad, iPod..basically anything that starts with i, still hates mashed potatoes with a passion and has a better vocabulary than Chase and I combined! Ha! He is full of life, energy and asks approximately 563 questions a day. Our little guy is turning into a big guy and it is an amazing thing to experience. We love our Bridger T! 
Chase has been busy with work as usual. Works a ton. Lots of hours but he is good at what he does and we all appreciate his hard work. He has made a mess of the garage fixing cars lately..and I am not using the word "mess" lightly here folks. I think we may have at least one of every tool known to man in there.. I love me a handy man <3 
 As for me well I am still the cleaner, cooker and babysitter for the family...no complaints here though. I LOVE what I do! I still drink Diet Coke in bulk form, better than something else right?! :) I have come to terms that I have a cleaning OCD and am okay with it. I like to get my craft on quite a bit too :) Most of my days are spent playing with the little guys and honestly there is nothing else I'd rather be doing!
 As a family, this year has really been one of learning. We lost our sweet nephew Clutch in June and it forever changed each one of us. Clutch did something for our family that no one else could have done. He taught us what true love and true heartbreak are but also gave us inspiration, motivation, faith and hope to truly strive to be the best people we can be. He is our Angel, our perfect nephew, one of our greatest blessings, who we love and miss dearly but know without a doubt we will see again. He has the sweetest parents, Kylee and Chaisson, who have also been such amazing examples of strength to us. They are both such a blessing in our lives and we are grateful for all they do for us. In September we lost our dear Grandpa Kupfer. What an amazing man he was. He lived 91 years of an incredible life. He taught us all so much and we miss him as well but we know he was welcomed home by our Grandma and what a beautiful reunion that was. :) In November Chase, I and the boys were sealed for time and eternity in the St. George temple. What an amazing day it was! We had so many family members and friends that were there to support us. There couldn't have been a more perfect day. I am so grateful for our decision and for the people who continually love us, support us and have been examples to us.  We are so extremely blessed. 
 We are ready for 2013 and for the challenges, blessings and experiences that will come our way! Told ya it would be long :)


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Things

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life and all the "stuff" that goes on that I sometimes literally have to remind myself to slooooow. it. down. Step back and take a real good look at all the beauty around me...  Like when Bronx tries to flush Bridger's t-shirt down the toilet, or when I turn my back and the new puppy takes a crap (potty word..naughty mama) on my clean carpet, or when BOTH kids are screaming bloody murder and the doorbell and phone ring at the same time. Nice. Or the bajillion times I have caught Bronx eating cat food or digging for treats in the trash can...WHYYYY!! Oh and I just LOVE cleaning the toilets every single day because my 4 year old struggles to keep it down! Changing diapers like its no ones business, cleaning up barf covered EVERYTHING, constantly wiping noses and drool like I invented Puffs, making mac & cheese with my eyes closed. Oh and don't even talk about trying to use the bathroom alone!!! Cooking and cleaning up three times a day plus snacks, laundry piles from hell (another 25 cents in the potty mouth jar), answering so many, "Why" questions that I am begging to be put in the quiet corner. "No!", "Don't hit your brother!" and "For the love, where did you find ANOTHER roll of toilet paper?"  Beautiful isn't it? I thought so.  

 Oh the faces only a mama could love.. and I do. More than I ever knew you could love a person. We are far from perfect...we don't pretend to be but we are happy. So I will continue my Mama journey covered in whatever we had for lunch, baby in one hand and my phone in the other...just in case 911 needs to be called..

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bridgers BATMAN party

You know when you are little and you just CAN'T wait for your birthday...like you start counting down the days from the year before, someone asks you how old you are and you add a 1/2 or 3/4 to your age just to make it sound "that" much closer to your big day?? Well birthdays for me growing up were ALWAYS a BIG deal. My sweet mom always went WAY out of her way to make it the best day EVER! Now that I have my own little wolf pack I want to do the same for them..except it makes me tear up just thinking of another year going by, another birthday..I do NOT want my kids to grow up. Selfish right?? I mean, they have it made...Breakfast, lunch & dinner prepared for them EVERYDAY.. clean clothes, more toys than should be legal, play time ALL day, nap time when they want?? Why would they want to grow up?? Crazy kids! If it really were possible to keep them little I'd do it in a heartbeat BUT I cant so I want to enjoy, thoroughly love, all the time I get with these little men. They are the greatest. Enough sappy crap... January 3rd Bridger turned 4!!!!
Isn't he handsome??
He LOVES superheroes..all of them. Like alot. Our house is overloaded with them. So of course he wanted a nananananananana...BATMAN party. I was all over it. He took cupcakes to pre-school that morning..

We had a family party that night with "SUPER DOGS", "BEANS-O-POWER", "WHAM BAM VEGGIES", "CHIPS & MUSCLE DIP" and of course CAKE :)
What did I do to get SO lucky?? I'm still trying to figure it out! 
It was a day full of mixed emotions for me..Full of presents and the royal treatment for Bridger and it turned out PERFECT!!




Christmas Party

Part 1...Oh you lucky people :)

 I know Christmas was so last month and I am really sorry to put you through this but what can I say?? I'm a procrastinator! We held the 1st annual KUPFER side Christmas/Birthday party the week before Christmas. We have 3 birthdays in December Dad, Kensie & Kortney so we decided to combine the birthday parties with the Christmas party. It was a 2 day event and it went down like this..The first night we wanted to go to St. George to dinner and look at Christmas lights but there is 13 of us all together and driving around looking at lights in 4 separate cars seemed insane..even for a crazy family like mine. Soooo what does Papa Chris do??? Oh just rents a 15 passenger van to hold all of us!!
(Sorry about the blurriness but if you know my Mom you get this!)

How fun does this look!! Most of us, especially that gorgeous brown haired girl in the middle, were SUPER car sick by the time this was over. It brought back so many FUN memories of being squished next to your smelly brother in the family van on long trips!!

We finally made it to St George...ALIVE!!  I know its only 45 min away but when you have 3 whiny kids, 5 smelly men, and 5 yapping girls, IN ONE CAR, this is something to brag about!! Snapped a quick family pic on the Temple grounds, watched an awesome movie at the Visitors center and headed out to eat! Dinner was loud and fun as usual and the Christmas light looking was my favorite :) I must say that even though a few of these people in this pic (no names need to be mentioned) can drive me to my wits end I STILL feel like the LUCKIEST girl ever.. ever ever ever....

Part 2 
The next night was dinner and game night at my moms house! We did the "MINUTE TO WIN IT" theme and I'm not sure that any of us have EVER laughed as hard as we did that night!! (WARNING) "slight" picture over load!

Stack The Golf Balls
Pick Up A Cheerio With A Spaghetti Noodle & 
Pass To Your Partner
 Get The Cookie From Forehead To Mouth  
(Nice matching turtlenecks guys)
 Suck Up An M&M On A Straw & Drop It In Bowl
The Nuts Stacking Nuts

To me this perfectly dysfunctional, annoying, loud, loving, family is the BEST thing in my life and I LOVVVVVE the time we get to spend together!! XOXO

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slacker with a capital S!!!


Okay..So I realize I am probably the LAST person on the planet to have a blog but I have just been so unsure if I am ready to commit!! That... and I am pretty special on a computer if ya know what I mean :) Anyway its like just ONE more thing to add to this crazy life I lead! I have limited screen time and I already have given most of my heart to Pinterest, Blog stalking..(this is a joke), online shopping and FB...Do I have time for MORE computer time? I am going to TRY. No promises here but trying is something I can do!! Oh and Im not sure why my signature is at the beginning of my post but that my friends is proof of my specialNESS!!

Soooo... Yes life is GOOD. Crazy but good! !BRIDGER is 3 (turning 4 in January) now in pre-school and is in L-O-V-E love with his teacher Mrs. Stefanie..I dont blame him she is a doll!! He loves school and just cant wait to get a girlfriend...that lives with him. Yeah. Does it really start this early??  He is obsessed with Star Wars & Superheroes. I usually play Anakin Skywalker or Cat Woman on a daily basis..jealous right? I prefer Cat Woman just in case you were wondering. He tells me that he loves me and that I'm beautiful and pretty on a daily basis..I'm KNOW its because he wants a new "guy" or a "treat" but I really don't care..it makes my day EVERYDAY! Bridger is hilarious, awesome, creative, silly, smart and has the BEST smile ever.. Man I love that kid!!

Bronx, Bronx, Bronx...where do I start... He is now 15 months and full of it!! This kid fills my day with cleaning!! Cleaning, cleaning and MORE cleaning! If there's a mess to be made he is all over it like cheese on nachos? What? Im hungry..okay nevermind. The kid is hilarious!! LOVES to eat. His favorites are paper, dog food, Q-tips..anything he can get his grubby little hands on!! Constantly have to watch this child..he has the sneakiest little grin and he is made of the cutest kind of TROUBLE ever!! He LOVES his Daddy.. I think he gets sick of me, I don't blame him one bit.:) He is the fastest sideways crawler I've ever seen and I usually lose my breath a few times a day chasing his little bum! He has 6 1/2 of the cutest "teefs", we call them teefs at our house, and they are sharp. He is a biter. Great.

Chase and I are busy being anything and everything in between... Money makers, money spenders, mess makers, mess cleaner uppers, eaters, cookers, drivers, passengers, story tellers, listeners, dog poop duty person, snow shoveler, bath giver, bath taker ( I wish) *sigh*, cry patrol worker, fight breaker upper, lost toy division..you get the point...BUT most importantly Mommy and Daddy to the naughtiest sweetest boys ever!! Its a crazy life but its my life and I wouldn't change a thing!!



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Test Post!

Welcome to our Blog....

This is a test post!